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Be it a small event or a large festival with thousands of people, we are happy to provide our sound and recording services for any complex event. Due to our over two decades of experience, providing stage acoustic and recording services for any modern and classical music concert, or operas, operettas or musicals, is now a routine task.


We have the professional solution for all lighting scenarios from the simplest work lighting to a grand concert lighting or the most complex theatre lighting with considerable professional lighting experience in all fields.


From simple and conventional podiums to complex custom-designed stages, including event tents and stage covering, we build or rent a wide range of stage types and also provide grandstands and auditoriums.


We provide professional solutions for all visual materials from the smallest screens through stunning panoramic projection to LED walls. We are also happy to prepare all your visual materials. In addition to providing a live broadcast and recording the feed, we are also there to assist you at post-production.


We also have many years of experience in music editing, voiceovers, dubbing, studio recording and mastering, multitrack live recording of concerts, on location recording, as well as shooting commercials and video clips.


We provide live streaming services for conferences, meetings or concerts at our own location or any other venue using professional streaming equipment.


We install sound, light, visual and monitoring systems in event and concert halls, community halls and churches, department and local stores throughout Hungary.


We are not only seasoned technical providers for events – whether a small conference or a large festival, we are ready to help you organise your event fully or partially including the booking of performers, bands and performances.


We offer professional transportation for event technical equipment and instruments both in Hungary and abroad, as well as transportation services for performers


Rather than stopping us, the pandemic pushed us to expand our activities. Our rehearsal studio fully fitted with audio, lighting and stage equipment offers an excellent venue for streaming or recording any conference, band or other performance.

New studio
Rehearsing room

We offer a 100-sqare-metre rehearsal studio for small or larger bands and productions, which also serves as a studio and is ideal for numerous other purposes.


We offer sound engineering training sessions every other Thursday. After these sessions, participants can test their newly acquired skills during the rehearsal of a 10-member band.

Happy artists &

Happy audience

Véleményünk szerint a közönség akkor „boldog” egy rendezvényen, ha azt hallja, látja, tapasztalja, amit vár. Ezt úgy érhetjük el, ha rendezvényt kiszolgáló személyzet alárendeli magát a produkciónak és a megfelelő alázattal látja el feladatát. Biztosítva az előadók mind technikai és a technikán túli háttértámogatását. 

Our company believes that professional services can only be provided by a professional staff and professional equipment. We put a lot of effort to using professional, state-of-the-art, top-category equipment, and we are dedicated to delegate the right person for each job.

About Us

Emi Sound Kft. has been an active member of the event management scene as one of the finest technical providers for concerts and other events. Our experience goes back further: Over the past 20 years since our launch, we have become stage management partners for numerous productions both in Hungary and several European countries.

Our employees are highly skilled experts focused on state-of-the-art knowledge and continuous improvement. However, we not only improve ourselves: we keep continuously expanding our technical equipment to include the latest technical solutions in order to meet the ever-changing requirements.

We are proud to be the stable technical partners for several event management companies and bands for many years. A few examples include The Hungarian State Opera House, Hillsong Budapest Church, Fool Moon acapella band, Örökség Band and the Seberg Show Production as well as many others. We hope to welcome you soon as one of our partners!

What we are proud of

Our partners always come back to us with ever more exciting projects. These innovative ideas drive us to provide out-of-the-box solutions in organizing and managing events and concerts, which become unforgettable memories for them and also for us.

All equipment you need!

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